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EBusiness system provides following services:
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The EU-ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) lodging system has been      released.     [2010-11-30]
The newest guidance manual of E-Business & CSAS system adjust-
    ment for U.S. CBP ISF 10+2 regulations has been released.

China Shipping (Europe) Holdings GmbH
Headquartered in Hamburg of Germany, China Shipping (Europe) Holdings GmbH runs 20 wholly and jointly funded subsidiaries in Europe operating the North of the Suez Cannel, Europe, North and West Africa. It is mainly engaged in container shipping business in Europe including market expansion, container freight and management, and ship maneuvering. It also oversees, guides and coordinates China Shipping's agents in Europe.

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Phone: +49.40.36092-0
Fax: +49.40.36092-189
Email: info@cseur.com
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